Professional Home Inspection, India

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What is Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of all accessible areas (systems & components) of a property using modern technology and specialized tools uses normal operating controls, is designed to  describe the condition of the systems and components, identifies and reports issues within specific systems and components, reports issues (with relevant pictures) that are both observed and deemed critical by the inspector, generates software driven home inspection reports.

MACJ - ABCHI Inspection team led by Ms.Yamini Sureka

Areas Inspected:

Bedrooms | Bathrooms | Living | Dining Area | Alleys | Kitchens | Balconies | Lofts | Servants’ Quarters | Lobby Area | Attached Structure | Exterior (Stairs | Steps | Ramps | Walkways | Railings | Hand rails | Driveways, etc)

Systems & Components Inspected:
Walls | Ceilings | Floors | Doors | Windows | Plumbing | Electrical | Stair steps | Stair railing | Cabinets and countertops | Applicable Installed Appliances | Water Supply | Exhaust Systems | Air Conditioning Systems, etc.

Professional Home Inspection, India

Speciality Home Inspection Tools & Technologies

Reporting Parameters - Condition Details:

  • Material types
  • Installation & Finishing
  • Operations & Functionality
  • General safety

All Properties Inspected

  • New/ Existing/ Old/ Heritage
  • Homes, Office, Retails, Schools, Warehouse, Shopping Mall, Building, Bungalow etc.
Professional Home Inspection, India