Building or Home Inspection before Buying

Marquee Customers - MACJ Team with Promoters of Merlin Group / Urbana Group

Marquee Customers - MACJ Team with Promoters of Merlin Group / Urbana Group

Value Added Services: The Inspection Process

In terms of our experience of providing services to real estate developers, the following process has been normally advised by our developer customers. Typically, we would do inspections in 2 to 3 phased manners:

  • We can come in a bit before finishing stage (when the structure is ready but finishing has not started or started but delivery has not begun) and give a function wise – apartment wise inspection reports or the full inspection report. These functions would typically be civil, flooring, woodwork, window, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  • These reports will then be given to respective contractors / departments who will correct the respective issues.
  • Developers can take the decision of correction parameters.
  • Our team will then go and verify the corrections done and give you a status report.
  • Ofcourse, the inspection process and scope can be tailored to developers’ needs and requirements.
  • This will give developers peace of mind and confidence and ensure desired finishing of the units and minimal customer complaints.

Benefits to Real Estate Developers:

We become the eyes and ears of developers and help in the following ways:

  • It is not possible for developers or their senior management to continuously monitor each and very apartment and / or each & every aspect of construction.
  • Developers / Senior Management are dependent on their contractors’ / shop floor managers to ensure cohesive construction and finishing of dream homes.
  • Home Inspection can provide a third party audit on behalf of the developers as a quality assurance on the construction and finishing of units.
  • Home inspections can save developers substantial money and effort by assuring quality control over work done by contractors even when they are not actually on-site.
  • With enactment of Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016, It can provide further assurance to developers on quality control of the homes being built by them.
  • Give developers peace of mind by assuring that the construction is being done correctly.
  • Add to their credibility and professionalism. Help their brands to grow.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and report only to the persons instructed by the real estate developers / promoters.