• One of the biggest investments one makes in one’s life time.
  • A large part of our savings goes into buying our dream homes, furnishing it and then paying stamp duty / brokerage, etc.
  • We want our dream home to be safe – sound – secured.
  • We have the right to know “How Healthy & Safe our Homes are”.

Conducted detailed survey among 200 residents

Report highlighted that almost every household faced a number of problems, some of which are typical to a large proportion of residents surveyed.

  • Dampness, Water Seepage / Leakage / Moisture
  • Cracks / Patches / Peeling / Evenness / Finishing
  • Termites
  • Inferior / substandard materials
  • Flooring inferior causing cracks / black spots
  • Mismatched/ hollow/ broken/ cracked tiles.
  • Improper joint fillings / Gaps / Extra Cuts / Improper Slope
  • Issues in Doors & Windows
  • Under rated wire gauge
  • Unbalanced distribution at phases
  • Improper installation of switch / socket boards
  • Safety Issues
  • Functionality Issues
  • No proper drainage for the outflow of water
  • Poor internal installations of units e.g, water, light, gas, power, sewerage, telephone, air-conditioners, sanitary installations, doors, windows, lamps, and other accessories

We need to get a Complete Health & Safety  Check-up of our dream homes just the way we get a complete check-up of our body