This site compiles all the gaming-relevant information about Sicho like user accounts, his game collection and more.

Gamecollection / "Backloggery"

Sicho uses to manage his gaming collection and to track his progress and his backlog.
You can find his profile under

Gaming Accounts

Here you will find various accounts, usernames etc. Sicho uses on different gaming services.
If you want to add him as a friend on one of these services, please include a message stating who you are and why you want to add him.

- Steam: sicho84

- GOG Galaxy: Sicho

- Sicho84#2740

- Nintendo Network ID: Sicho84

- Playstation Profile: Sicho

- XBOX Live: Sicho84

- Sicho84

- EPIC Games: Sicho84

- Origin: Sicho84

Achievement Tracking

Use the following links to track Sicho's achievements and progress on the different services.

- Steam Achievements

- Playstation Trophies

- XBOX Live Achievements

MMO's that Sicho is playing

Here you can see which massively multiplayer online games Sicho is playing.

If possible, a link to a profile page showing of his characters and in-game achievements are included.

- Guild Wars
  User: Sicho
  Main: Achas Noglag
  Hall of Monuments:

- Guild Wars 2
  User: Sicho.2308
  Main: Achas Noglag on server Gunnar's Hold
  Guild Wars 2 Armory:

- The Elder Scrolls Online (on PlayStation 4)
  User: Sicho
  TESO PS4 Trophies:

- World of Warcraft ++inactive++
User: Sicho84#2740
  Main: Achas on server Lordaeron
  WoW Armory:

- World of Tanks
  User: Sicho84
  WoT Profile:

- World of Warplanes
  User: Sicho84
  WoWP Profile:

- AION ++inactive++
  User: Sicho1984

Other relevant online games

- League of Legends ++inactive++
  User: sicho84
  LoL Profile:

- Paladins (on PC via Steam and on PlayStation4, but mainly playing the PS4 version)
  User: Sicho (PlayStation 4), sicho84 (Steam)
  Paladins PS4 Trophies:
 Paladins Steam Achievements:

- Team Fortress 2
  User: sicho84
  TF2 Achievements:
  TF2 Stats:

- Unreal Tournament Alpha-Test
  User: Sicho84

Sicho's own gameservers

- currently no server online -

Sicho's VOIP servers

- Teamspeak: - currenty offline -

Other pages/profiles

- Twitch.tv

- Steam Gauge


Sometimes, Sicho is using other usernames/characternames in certain games, services or on gaming websites/forums.
Here is a list of all the aliases he uses most commonly:
Sicho, Sicho84, Sicho1984, LiquidSnake, PickleJuice, Achas, AchasNoglag